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Bottle Drives

Bottle drives are a fun and a profitable way for an organization such as sports teams or local community groups to raise money for their cause while ensuring that bottles and cans are responsibly recycled! We offer Full Refund on all registered ready to drink beverage containers!

6 Tips for a Successful Bottle Drive:
  1. 1. Round up your volunteers and choose a leader for your bottle drive.
  2. 2. Pick a date for your bottle drive – Some dates are better than others! Consider doing a bottle drive just after a major sporting event or holiday. This is when people typically consume more beverages.
  3. 3. Book your bottle drive – Book Early! Bottle Drives are first come, first serve.
  4. 4. Promote your bottle drive – Get the word out early so that people start saving their bottles for you. Approach local businesses, community groups and schools too. Ask them to donate their bottles for your group. Social Media is a great way to broaden your reach.
  5. 5. Event Day – Collect all the beverage container donations and bring them to Courtenay Return-It Depot!
  6. 6. Get Paid!

Book a Bottle Drive

    Commercial Pickup

    We offer a free beverage pickup service for large volume businesses. Minimum volume required. Inquire below to see if you qualify for a free commercial beverage pickup!

    Book a Commercial Beverage Pickup

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